Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Profusion Eyeshadows

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I've mentioned using this brand on a few of my looks posted on and I just wanted to show what they were. I really don't know where to get this other than i've seen larger palettes of the same brand at Ross. I bought these at a Traders Village flea market, they have all types of products not just eyeshadows, and they were super cheap! Choose any 5 items for $ I have a lot of it lol. I have to say, for the price, it's a nice consistency and has good pigmentation and some pretty colors. I just wanted to share with you guys :)

Upcycled Vintage Train Case

So, I was telling you guys about my little project and I wanted to share it with you! It took a little while but I absolutely love it! You can't really tell but the leopard spots are baby pink- not white. I did do a little tutorial on it so check out my page on to see how you can do it too! I hope you like it too!
DIY Vintage Train Case Makeover!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh Hayyyyy!

Hey dolls, I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about my little bloggie pie :P. The weekends can be kind of busy for me since most of the time my boyfriend and I are both off work. This is the time we go go out shopping, and out to eat, and all that other fun stuff. We pretty much do the same thing every weekend lol. We go to the flea market to get the most delicious tacos my tastebuds have ever met, shop around a little bit while there (I mainly find really blinged out jewelry and headbands and that's what I love). Then we go buy some groceries for the week, and either go home and cook something for lunch, or just go out to eat, then we go thrifting! I love it! I have found so many great vintage things. This weekend I picked up a vintage samsonite train case that was pretty much in perfect condition for only $.99 - it was navy blue and last night I gave it a makeover :) ...who doesn't love a makeover right? It is now smokey gray, with baby pink leopard print. I only have a few more minor things to do to it (paint one small section black, then add on all the rhinestones! I'm so excited about this- I'm definitely going to show it off on here once it's done :) I might even post a tutorial? Hopefully I'll have something more beauty related to share in a bit, so as some people think we Texans say "Y'all come back now, ya' hear!" lol- *Disclaimer: I, nor does anyone else I have ever known say things like "Y'all come back now, ya' hear!", nor do we ride horses to work haha - I've seriously gotten this question before!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tip #371

Ok, so it's actually #1 but that just sounded lame so I embellished it a little bit haha. I'm not sure how many of you are headband lovers but I personally have a ton of them and the blingier the better! However, I do have a house with cats and they kinda like to play with them so they get taken down to the floor and sometimes stepped on and broken. I picked one up earlier and was about to throw it away when I realized that would be a total waste! Yeah the actual headband was no good, but it was covered in little jewels that could be salvaged. So I started with a pair of tweezers plucking the the studs off one by one until I realized it was just as easy to do with my fingernails. It only took maybe 10 minutes and now I have a bunch of little shiny studs to use in makeup looks or for whatever you feel like jazzing up a bit :).  I hope you liked this tip and save lots of little shiny things!



Hey dolls! Hope you've all had a great week so far- the weekend is just around the corner, finally! I just wanted to share something that I'm pretty excited about, even though some may think it's no big deal. I was featured on the Makeupbee Facebook page! It's always nice to get recognition and it makes you just want to do that much better! I love, it's so simple and uncluttered, just straight to the point. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should definitely head over there. You can also follow them on Twitter, and as stated above, on Facebook. On a side note, totally unrelated to beauty, I'm super stoked for tonight's season premiere of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle! Are any of you watching?

Monday, September 12, 2011


Today the look is anything but nonchalant. It's actually fairly bold, but don't so in a not so "in yo' face" kinda way. I kept most of the colors neutral and threw in a hint of color on with the eyeliner. It's a really pretty teal green. I wanted to do something different than a regular cut crease so I did this extreme winged cut crease. I'm not sure I'd wear this out other than maybe out for a night at a's pretty sexy for that :)  As far as products, I used the Tokidoki Sodashop palette...(which I love, and I got it on sale at Sephora for only $30 so  I love it even more!). For the dark color I used the shadow called Furbina- it's really a very dark purple with some glitter but it does end up looking almost black. For the lighter one, the color is called sugar skull, which is just a frosty white. On the base of the lid, I just did a very light wash of an sheer olive green color called Ciotolina.  To finish up the look, I used the included eyeliner pen in the color "Sandy". Overall, I really like the sleekness of this look, it's bold but not too much, it's almost an understated sexy. Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

My Classy, Sassy, & Wild Nail Tutorial

This nail look is my take on the traditional zebra print. I wanted to keep it a little more elegant so i Used a soft iridescent pink polish and topped it with some thin black and white lines that can either be seen as zebra print, or just a simple pattern.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Electric Geisha

Ok, first of all, I apologize for my hair- I had no idea what to do with it and I wanted my face to be the focus so i just put it in a very high ponytail with a black bow (looking back I wish I would have done something a little more elaborate but oh well what's done is done). Secondly, when I started off I had no idea what look I was going for, I just knew I wanted lots of pink- BRIGHT pink at that. So I got out my scotch tape and taped off the sides to make the lines super straight. Next, I packed on some Mac pigment in Magenta Madness and then drew on some crazy harsh eyebrows. To finish the look I took a thin liner brush and some Essence gel eyeliner in black ($3.49 at Ulta-works like a charm so it's a great deal) and followed the same shape of the pink coming inward toward my nose to really pull everything together. The lips were done by mixing some of the same MAC pigment with some clear lipgloss then encrusting them with some hot pink sprinkles (so sweet-yum!)- just be sure to resist the temptation to lick your lips!

Meet Autumn

Meet Autumn. She's one of the coolest, nicest people I've met in a long time. She moved to Texas from Canada and is actively pursuing a career in modeling. Her portfolio is amazing to say the least. She has such a unique look and personality and is very down to earth. I just wanted to to introduce her since you will see her quite a bit here. We get together and make some makeup and photography magic happen when we're bored. I'm thankful to have her because I can always use practice and she's down for whatever. This girl is fearless! Here are a few other photos from some of our shoots. 
*All makeup and photography by me*

Victorian Floral Eyes

This is my favorite recent look I've done. I'm especially proud of this look because I've never seen a look like this before. I thought it was gonna be a challenge and almost didn't even attempt it, but as it turns out, it was surprisingly easy! I'll try to post a tutorial in the future. This look was created using the MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Palette (which I absolutely LOVE). Unfortunately, having created this look with that palette renders it unwearable since it will smear everywhere when you blink. I plan on recreating this look using a more wearable medium. But hey, if you only want to wear it for a few cool photos then you're good to go!

Intergallactic Superstar

For this look, I was really inspired by those beautiful space images you've seen- the black of space but then the pop of color with the swirls of different shades of purples & blues and the sparkling stars. I really love the colors here and I think this is a pretty easily wearable look despite the bright colors. I created this look using a cheap brand of cosmetics called "Profusion". This brand of eyeshadow usually runs at a price of 5 palettes for $20...super cheap  right?? Each little palette has 18 colors and they are suprisingly soft and pigmented so there are definitely no complaints from this gal!

Intro to Dollface

Hi guys! First off, I want to thank you for stopping by my little corner of the online world. It really means a lot to know there are people taking time out of their day to read my words and listen to my thoughts on random things. I've wanted to start a blog for quite a while now but never seemed to have enough time, afterall, I pretty much have 3 jobs. But before I get into that, let me really introduce myself. My name is Ashley (but some of my friends call me "Smashley" lol). I'm 28 years old, and have 2 dogs and 3 cats that are pretty much my babies. I currently work at a national bank to make sure my bills get paid (it seems I have so many these days unfortunately). In my spare time I am a freelance photographer and makeup artist. Those last two are my passion. I was a part of the pageant scene from the time I was only a few months old until it was time to start school, so I was always around photographers and having my makeup done- I think this is where my love of both arts stems from. I love anything that allows me to be creative and no matter what, I think that having a creative outlet to express myself is the driving force in my life. Also, probably just like all of you I am just straight up a makeup junkie! I've rambled on long enough on this intro so I'm gonna stop here before I run you off, but I really hope you come back wouldn't wanna miss something good now would 'ya?