Sunday, September 11, 2011

Electric Geisha

Ok, first of all, I apologize for my hair- I had no idea what to do with it and I wanted my face to be the focus so i just put it in a very high ponytail with a black bow (looking back I wish I would have done something a little more elaborate but oh well what's done is done). Secondly, when I started off I had no idea what look I was going for, I just knew I wanted lots of pink- BRIGHT pink at that. So I got out my scotch tape and taped off the sides to make the lines super straight. Next, I packed on some Mac pigment in Magenta Madness and then drew on some crazy harsh eyebrows. To finish the look I took a thin liner brush and some Essence gel eyeliner in black ($3.49 at Ulta-works like a charm so it's a great deal) and followed the same shape of the pink coming inward toward my nose to really pull everything together. The lips were done by mixing some of the same MAC pigment with some clear lipgloss then encrusting them with some hot pink sprinkles (so sweet-yum!)- just be sure to resist the temptation to lick your lips!


  1. Whoa, what a stunning look! You did a great job :) It almost reminds of the black swan type of makeup lol I like this one SO much better, though, because I love pink :)