Monday, October 31, 2011

Second time around...

Ughhh I'm so annoyed right now! I just typed out my longest blog ever and lost it all! :( I didn't notice until near the end that it kept telling me there was an error saving my content, when I finally noticed, I just ignored it since I was about to publish it anyway, then I clicked on the "insert image" icon and some bog came up and said FILE NOT FOUND error 404 ...and I couldn't get that box to go away and atleast be able to copy and paste what I had written. So now, because I'm lazy at the moment, I'm going to give you the condensed version of my attempted post.

- My apology for not being here for an entire week without warning. I took vacation time from work to go back home to East Texas to visit my family. I had so much fun but the time flew by way too fast!
- I did makeup on 4 people: Beetlejuice & Lydia for my sis and her boyfriend, Ms. Lovett from Sweeny Todd, and a Pin-up girl. Yay for my first baldcap ever on Beetlejuice! I barely had time for myself though and took the easy way out and wore one of those kitty cat masks  for kids haha.
- I loved spending time with my sister, going thrifting, getting my hair done (by my sis, she's a hairdresser), and having a thrown together photoshoot at 1am in the spare bedroom at my parent's house. I especially loved laughing so hard at her transformation into the cartoon version of Lydia from Beetlejuice!

So yeah, that's the SUPER-DUPER shortened version of what I wanted to say :(
I also wanted to tell you guys to stay tuned for collab with Nars & Lancome and myself! I get to review 2 products and I can't wait to share it with you!
Here are some pics from all the fun I had this week :)

My sis with attitude from our thrown together photoshoot. She wanted to use those gloves she got for her Lady Gaga costume from last year and forgot to wear haha.... wasted $$.

Another one of my sis being her silly self- her name is Candi by the way (nope, that's not short for anything).

After her transformation into Lydia from Beetlejuice (the cartoon version)- this is before I drew on the spiderweb design and ironed it... lol so hilarious! She kept saying "I can't believe I'm going out like this!!"

Beetljuice & Lydia @ the club haha

Jessica as Ms. Lovett from Sweeny Todd

Me as a black kitty cat and ms. lovett on our way out :)

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